About Grutase Centrodo Vulcanismo

This website highlights all the amazing things about San Vicente mountain tours.

About us

At one level, this is a typical mountain tour website. You get to select the specific tour you’re going on. You get a clear idea of what the itinerary is. You get some background information of your mountain tour guides. You also get to see the amazing collection of pictures of the San Vicente mountain range. So far so good, right? Well, we dare to go deeper.

Understand that we’ve been in business for several decades and it never fails. Every single year, we have people writing to us weeks, even months after their trip, telling us how profoundly and significantly their life has changed. I’m not just talking about people getting their dream job or people getting married or somehow, someway, taking the relationships to the next level. going beyond the self improvement dimension of this.

The kind of self discovery a lot of people feel that they stumbled into in their San Vicente mountain tours strikes deep. In fact, in most cases has little to do with how well your income improved. It’s more important than the kind of toys you are now able to afford or how high up in your hierarchy chart or organization diagram you got because of the insights and inspirations you realized during your trip. Instead, it’s something more profound than that because it strikes to the reality of the human condition.

This humbles us

It is really quite humbling because we get all these letters from people who look very different from each other, they have different educational backgrounds, the speak different languages, they come from different class background. Regardless of all these differences, regardless of the united nations element to all these letters, they all keep coming back to the same place. They all keep repeating that there’s something about the San Vicente mountain range that enable them to challenge a lot of things that they held to be true.

This is not always a positive thing because often times, the worst kind of prison is the prison you don’t acknowledge. You’re living a very limited life, you’re obviously feeling some frustrations in certain areas of your life, but you really can’t quite put your finger on it. When somebody tells you about something that’s quite obvious to them that’s holding you back, your most natural and common reaction is, of course, to push back. You’d tell them “How dare you tell me about this?” or “It’s not that bad.” or “I chose this.” Whatever the justification, it always goes back to the status quo.

Often times, when people go to San Vicente mountain tours, they break free of the status quo. Things somehow, someway, break apart. This is not always comfortable. In many cases, it’s downright scary because for the longest time, you are assuming that certain things about you are true. You are assuming that certain things in your life are either black and white and there are these neatly drawn boundaries that you dare not cross.

When all of this falls apart, it all starts with a small doubt as you walk up a hiking trail or as you enjoy the forest canopy. It all starts to sink in. It’s kind of like a slow, exploding building. At first, it seems like not much of anything is happening, but as the weight of floor after floor of steel, concrete and glass press down on each other, it produces and exponential effect. While it may take a while for the explosion to truly resonate, by the time the building starts to crash, it’s unstoppable. You can tell the emotional intensity that people go through through their letters. It’s like interviewing somebody who just got sprung out of jail or who just heard the judge finally proclaimed that he or she is divorced.

Whatever analogy you want to use, zero in on that point of liberation because regardless of how it looks, it’s all too real and we all deserve that to happen at some level and at some time in our lives. This is what this website is all about.