I don’t know about you, but if you have friends for any period of time, you know that there will be tensions. It doesn’t matter whether you see eye to eye pretty much all the time. There will always be tensions and areas for improvement in your relationship. In fact, there will always be opportunities for misunderstandings, disagreements and outright conflict. Why does this happen?

It all boils down to the human condition. We’re all different. We come from different backgrounds. We look at the world differently. We grew up differently and all these differences do add up. Unfortunately, sometimes it just takes one small thing to get the ball rolling and since you’re friends, you’re probably not going to call each other out on it. You’re not going to step up to each other’s face and confront each other over the small stuff.

If you are like most people, you would let the small stuff get bigger and bigger until eventually, you guys think that you’re just chilling out and then suddenly, somebody just blurts something out and gets all up in your face. This happens all the time and it’s quite dangerous when you’re dealing with people who have a tough time resolving conflict.

There are many different cultures on the planet and all cultures have their strong and weak points. However, it must be said that certain cultures play such a big role on getting along that they turn people into passive aggressive individuals. In other words, these people keep all these tensions buried until they can’t handle it anymore.

I don’t know about you, but putting a plug on a volcano is probably a bad idea and that’s precisely the kind of thing that these people are doing. But instead of some sort of physical volcano that blasts out rocks, lava and hot chunks up into the air, this volcano is emotional and psychological in nature.

Still, the damage is just as catastrophic. So how do you resolve tensions? Well, first of all, you should bond regularly. In other words, you should talk to each other, call and do stuff together because the more stuff you do together, the more you wear down tensions because the person would say, “Well, this guy is a good guy.” or “This woman truly gets me. Whatever problems I may have with her, it pales in comparison to how much this person really cares about me and how I care about this person. I want this friendship to work and I’m getting more out of this friendship than how it damages me.”

Constant contact is key. But the problem is that this is also paradoxical because the constant contact you have with people opens up new opportunities for tensions. I hope you can see how this can be a two edged sword.

The best way to do this is to vape together. That’s right. Vaping among friends resolves tensions. Kick back, fill your tank with some cheap 120ml vape juice from eliquid-depot, and relax.  You’re engaging in something that you find pleasurable. You’re sending signals to each other that trigger you to mutually relax. You create an upwards spiral of mutual comfort and this enables you to deconstruct and defuse tensions.

This happens on your side and it happens on their side. So they key here is to just hang out, relax, vape and just chill. No need to get into arguments. No need to try to prove something. No need to show off. No need to do anything. Just enjoy each others space.