Why travel?

I know that’s kind of a weird question to ask considering the fact that this is a travel site.

Go travel!

If you click through our different pages here, it’s obvious that this site is all about San Vicente mountain tours. It’s assumed that when you go to this website, you want to travel.

The problem is a lot of people travel without really understanding why. They’re so focused on what, they’re so obsessed about how and often times, they put a tremendous amount of energy on how to pay for the trip that they lose sight of why. It really is too bad because there’s a big difference between being a tourist and a traveler. I know you probably have not heard this before.

You probably thought that getting on a bus and being shepherded by a professional tour guide from spot to spot is pretty much the way to go. You probably collected all sorts of name tags and flags for tour groups to mark all your trips. Whether you’ve visited Europe, Machu Picchu in South America or all points in between, you think that travelling and touring are pretty much one and the same. I really can’t blame you because this is how travelling has been portrayed by mass media. If you watch a typical Hollywood movie, that’s pretty much the depiction of travelling. What if I told you that it could be more?

Real travelling is not really all about getting from point A to point B. It’s not really just a simple matter of changing geographical location. What if I told you that real travel means travelling within you. The things that are going on outside of you in terms of a new side, a new nature trail, different and interesting people from other parts of the world are simply just external markers or external triggers that help push you along as you engage in a real internal journey. It may very well be that you just travel a short distance, but the impact on you is profound.

That’s the difference between real travelling and being a tourist. A tourist really is just a person who has all these pictures, either on Instagram or postcards or Facebook, and they’re going to a place to get that postcard. They’re basically saying to themselves, “Okay, I’ve seen this before and I want to go to that geographical place to validate what I already know. That’s it. End of story.” Talk about shallow or selling yourself short.

The real travel really is within. You have to understand that when you travel to another country or different geographical region, you let go of your old identity temporarily. Everything is suspended while you are travelling. This possess a very powerful opportunity because you can look at the world with a fresh set of eyes. You can look at the world with a fresh heart because you’re no longer the old person that you’re supposed to be. You don’t have to be somebody. You don’t have to play a role. You don’t have to impress people. You’re just yourself and this can lead to a moment of truth. This can lead to personal liberation which honestly is really the essence of a life well lived.

Often times, we have so many arrangements and comfortable lies that we buy into that at a certain point, we no longer know what’s real and what isn’t. We no longer have a clear understanding of where the compromise is and where reality begins. It really is too bad.

Do yourself a big favor and start travelling more. You’d be surprised as to how rich, varied and meaningful your internal space truly can be.