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This is a website dedicated to people looking to travel to the San Vicente area. This is a very mountainous area and it really highlights everything that is distinctive, amazing and beautiful about this part of the world. San Vicente mountain tours are a must for any serious traveler because you really go on a real journey. You’re not just getting from point A to point B. You’re not just changing geographic locations. Instead, when you go to the San Vicente are and you see the mountains surround you a long with the dew and the mist rising from the trees, it really transports you to a totally different place. We’re not just talking about a geographical location. We’re also talking about a state of mind.

Regardless of where you come from, there’s too much stress. Regardless of the specific part of the world you’re travelling from, there is too much expected of you. You leave all of that behind and you really get back, not only to mother-nature and how things are supposed to be, but you start rediscovering your inner space. It’s one of the most common temptations modern living to just live on auto pilot. The temptation we face time and time again is the idea that we are our surroundings. We’re always tempted to think along these lines.

No far out examples

You don’t need far out examples of this. In fact, you probably are looking at your computer right now and there’s a high likelihood you bought it because it’s a certain brand or because a certain celebrity endorsed it or it’s associated with a certain lifestyle or certain level of quality. All these associations highlight this fact that we are supposed to be living based on others expectations. We live out our lives based on this weird connection of symbols, substance and reality. To nobody’s surprise, it often turns out that we have completely lost control of the whole process. We put so much focus on the status symbol that we forgot why we’re seeking status in the first place. We run ourselves ragged trying to get the mercedes benz or the ferrari. When we get it, assuming that we get there, it doesn’t dawn on us that we forgot what that is supposed to truly represent.

Often times, we think in these disjointed and distorted signals and it can get really quite tiring. Eventually, people start defining themselves based on the things they wear, other people’s expectations of them and things that ultimately really don’t matter all that much. Why? If we store our confidence in these things or ideas or reputation, we are really selling ourselves short because if you value yourself based on how much money you earn, what if you’re no longer able to earn that money? What if the assets that you draw so much confidence and security from were taken away from you or suffer from massive inflation or somehow, someway, is no longer worth what you think it’s worth. You end up with an empty bag. You end up feeling cheated. You end up with the wrong end of the stick and this happens all the time.

We are San Vicente mountain tours website

This is a San Vicente mountain tours website. You may be thinking that I’m getting heavy on philosophy here. You might be thinking that I’m even being preachy or this is some sort of sermon. Well, let me tell you, this is a wake up call. All our visitors here, regardless of where they come from, regardless of their educational attainment, regardless of their status level, they come back changed people. It’s as if there’s this amazing reset button that is triggered when they take themselves out of their normal context.

You have to understand that you are not your job. You are not your assets. You are not your car or where you live. You’re not your set of friends. You, obviously, are yourself.

Unfortunately, a lot of us lose sight of this. We abdicate the tremendous amount of power and control that is inherent in this self ownership. For most of us, we are too busy buying stuff that we don’t really need to impress people we don’t really like. In other words, we’re frauds. We’re playing out this script that we unquestioningly accept from generation to generation, decade after decade, lifetime after lifetime.

When you go on a San Vicente mountain tour, you get this tremendous opportunity to get off the treadmill and it’s not like some sort of mystical experience. It’s not like the buddha sitting under the bow tree and somehow, someway, realizing the secrets of enlightenment. It doesn’t have to be that dramatic. You don’t have to be a hero. The real drama and the real victory is the sinking realization that the way you know things and the way you choose to know things and understand them are not the only game in town. There are alternatives. There are different ways of knowing truth of being who you are and most importantly, choosing who you can become.

Putting your meaning into this

If this sounds overly spiritual or quasi-mystical or philosophical, please understand that you’re putting your meaning into this. If it strikes you or hits at you a certain way, it’s because you’re reading things into it. I’m speaking to a reality all of us could relate to regardless of where we come from, how much money we have in our bank account, how educated we are and how many achievements we have racked up in our lifetime.

Ultimately, we’re all going to the same place. That alone highlights the fact that ultimately, if we look hard enough, we’re all based in the same place. Right here, right now. That’s right. In our daily waking realities, we’re actually dealing with the same set of fears, same set of potential and same set of promises.

The way we express them or the way we interact with them or engage with them reflect the explosive diversity of the human condition, but this doesn’t, in any way, shape or form, take away from this universality. We’re actually more similar than we give ourselves credit for. All these imagine differences only tend to hold us back and drag us down and prevent real understanding.

I’m not just talking about like a John Lennon Imagine video type of understanding and cross cultural, universal brotherhood of humanity kind of thing. Besides the hippie stuff, I’m talking about understanding yourself because it’s too easy to get caught up in the social signals that we absorb that we believe that this is reality. We voluntarily imprison ourselves and a lot of the truth, beauty and substance falls between the cracks.

Enjoy travelling and we strongly suggest that you try travelling through the San Vicente mountains because they enable you to discover this one place in the world that you may have not visited in a long time. Maybe you’re even actively avoiding it. The name of this place: Yourself.


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